References お客様の声

(translated from Japanese)

[From a Kanagawa Prefecture official]

Dear Chris,

Thank you for your support. And thank you very much for interpreting during Governor Kuroiwa’s visit to Boston. We appreciated your help, starting with the pre-event adjustments. Your interpreting was easy to understand and was highly praised – I think the fact that you had been a friend of the Governor’s since your days at Fuji TV made him feel at ease as he faced the various events.

[神奈川県の 高官より] Chris様 お世話になっております。 黒岩知事のボストン訪問では、通訳をいただき誠にありがとうございました。 事前調整からご協力をいただき、大変感謝しております。Chrisさんの通訳はわかりやすく大変好評でしたし、知事のフジテレビ時代からのご友人ということで、知事も安心して行事に臨むことができたのではないかと思います。

So good to see the BEST Japanese interpreter!!

...with Japanese witnesses through a remote access platform:

“Also, EXCELLENT job with the translations [interpretation]. Everyone is raving about your work. Very much appreciated and will be sure to sing your praises to...others."


“Chris has an extraordinary command of Japanese. Even more important, he is remarkably skilled at delivering in real time...”

「クリスは日本語力があるだけではない 。それよりも重要なのは、リアルタイムに日本語を駆使するすごいスキルをもっているということです 。 」

“I can honestly say, without hesitation, that you are the best I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

「正直に躊躇せずに言えます 。あなたは今までに仕事をともにした(通訳者)の中で、ベストだ。 」

(translated from Japanese) “…we are all agreed that we know of no other interpreter as superb as you.”

「弊社一同も、クリスさんほど素晴らしい通訳は他に知らない、との意見で一致しました。 」

“You added tremendous value in both cases, and contributed greatly to their successful outcome.”

「両訴訟において、(あなたは) 多大な価値を付加し、その成功にも大いに寄与してくれました 。 」

(translated from Japanese) “Thanks to your efforts at our meeting in Albany, I was able to return to Japan with good results. I was reminded again of the importance of detailed, correct interpretation. I truly thank you.”

「アルバニ—でのミ—ティング、ご尽力頂いたお陰で、十分な成果を持って帰国することができました 。詳細で適切な通訳が、大変重要なことを再認識しました 。本当に有難うございました 。 」

(translated from Japanese)

“Thank you for polishing your translation. I would absolutely never get the kind of translation you do from a Japanese translation agency, and I feel the limits of translation by Japanese translators. I always learn from you. ”





“After meeting you, I cannot be satisfied [with] anyone else.”

「あなたに会ってから、他の人では満足できません 。 」

“Your translation was the key to the whole case.”

「あなたの翻訳は、訴訟全体の鍵となった 」

“I heard great feedback from our clients and they are very happy with the quality of your work.”

「クライアントからあなたの仕事の品質に大変満足しているとのよい感想を聞きました 。 」

“I think you have the best English output that I ever heard from any Japanese interpreter in the past almost 20 years.”


“The translation was great (per [the attorney] and that's what matters), so once again, thank you.”

「弁護士より、素晴らしい翻訳とのことでしたので改めて感謝します 。 」

“Honor to work with you too. I hope some day I become one of the small handful of most talented people in my field.”

「あなたと共に仕事が出来、私も光栄です 。いつか私も自分の分野において最も有能な人のひとりになりたい 。 」

“Thank you also for your kind sensitivity to [the client’s] pricing—much appreciated (although personally I think you are worth your weight in gold).”

「クライアントのコストに対する気配りまで有り難う—大変感謝します(とはいえ、私個人としては、あなたは値千金です) 」

“…it’s very hard for them to find someone that is on the same level as you are.”

「あなたと同レベルの人を見つけるのはなかなか難しい 」

"I so appreciate what you do for us.  The way you combine translation and art is beautiful"

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